Simbay KCU951 HF
  • Simbay KCU951 HF
  • Simbay KCU951 SimvIm conenction Board / Interface

Simbay KCU951 HF

5-15 duty days till delivery

Simbay KCU951 HF

Package: Device only
5-15 duty days till delivery

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This is a replica of a Bendix KCU951 for home cockpits.

You can connect the board to your preferred software such as SIMVIM, Mobiflight ...... (Each switch and encoder has a separate pin.)

All buttons with text and the control panel itself are illuminated in warm white.

The Rotation ON/OFF function is not working via a Switch.

The backlight has separate connections for 5 volts and 12 volts.

In addition to the device, a SimVim connection board can be purchased. This facilitates the connection especially for SimVim. However, it can also be used with other providers such as Mobiflight or for Arduino programming.

You can download assembly instructions and a connection sheet for the electronics.

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