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Beamer / Projector Screen Build Do it yourselfe CURVED

Beamer / Projector Screen Build Do it yourselfe CURVED

Here is a little guide how you can build the right screen for the right projector.

In the home cockpit area they have enforced the Optoma GT projectors. They offer HD quality and are very well placed for value for money. 600 € the following projectors are recommended:




Following we now build two different screens.

1. Canvas made of Plexiglas plates.

My first attempt should be a cheap canvas that has changed well.

The plates are 2m x 1m in size and can be fixed well by wooden beams. Per plate you can stick the plates to the left and right at the appropriate height and fix them with clamps. Once the glue has dried, you can build all the elements in a row and screw the wood modules together at the overlapping points. Now you can see the pages to the side.

Next you get white acrylic from the tube to close the gaps between the plates. Fill up the column neatly. Take a small bowl of water with dish soap. Dip one finger in the mixture and remove the excess material from the screen. Now you should have a plane. Make sure the screen is in the correct position and bent. Let everything dry well and move on to the next step.

Next, you get favorable white color and black base color and dark plexiglass plate with a very fine role. Of course first the primer (1-2 coats) and then the paint (2-3 coats). As a color I used Brillux wall paint.Homecokpit sideUnfortunately, I did not have a better picture (do not pay attention to the disorder :)): At the top of the picture you can see a part of the screen.

2. Beamer screen made of fabric.

Since my canvas made of plexiglass did not quite meet my requirements and I also had to invest a lot of money, a new plan had to come along. I bought a canvas cloth on Ebay in my fitting size 6m x 2.55m (here the link). But how should I fix them now?

Part 1.

Canvas cloth must somehow be fixed to the ceiling so I came up with the idea to hang it like a curtain. I bought the rails at OBI Baumarkt (here the link to the rails). Now I took a rope and tied it to a pencil. The length of the rope corresponds to the radius of my circle. At the middle of the cockpit, the point where the beamer should hang later, I grabbed one side of the rope and drew a pencil around the cockpit. Now I had a perfect circle to attach the rail with Rigips dowels.

Beamer Leinwand SchieneProjector screen rail in the picture above, the rail is already attached and you can see my projector mount in the middle of the picture.

Part 2.

How do I attach the screen to the rail?

On eBay, there are T-rings with brackets, which were perfect for it. 100 pieces bought and hung about every 6 cm. So far everything looked good. The screen hangs down nicely and retains the curves. Unfortunately, there are still slight bumps and the fabric was not ironed before. So again down and ironing completely and lo and behold PERFECT :)

To add some weight to the whole, you can still sew in weights down the entire length. Make sure that you attach a weight every few centimeters, otherwise you will get wrinkles in again.

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