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How I came to this ...

I have to start from scratch. On 28.08.2017 I started an ATPL license and am currently in practice time. Over the whole time I collected Saitek Equipment and try to build my cockpit at home with half measures. Over time, I needed more buttons :). So I decided to build a cockpit of a 737-800. Every beginning is hard. I started to find the right software and came up with a selection of Mobiflight, ArdsimX and the Opencockpit solution. I started testing the individual modules. Mobiflight had some positive aspects, but was quite complicated in the implementation and there were some hardware that I could not connect such as. the LCD screen my potentiometers. Therefore, I would have needed additional software. So I decided on an already mature system called ArdsimX. During my testing phase, information from the Ardsimx developer came that there will soon be better and simpler software. Wow, that's something for me! :) and that was the beginning of my homecockpit construction-drilling-beat and screwing time :). Parts of the shell I was able to get cheap Ebay classifieds and saved me some time now I plundered my account and started shopping in the intoxication (I can not recommend ^ ^). I bought the Engravity MIP, Efis Panele from Opencockpits, that overhead of cockpit parts, as well as the pedestal and the AFT overhead. Super the first parts were there, but what can I equip them now?! ... Now began an eternal search for the perfect hardware, which of course should be as cheap as possible and still hold long. I ordered a few samples of encoders, knobs, switches, potentiometers, LCD displays and and and through the popular online shops. The effort behind the search was gigantic ... For several days I hung on the platforms and searched and makes one or the other bad buy. Well you always learn to;). After I wired all the switches, knobs and encoders, I came to the point where I had to sit down on the boards. I tried my luck with the soldering work of the boards shown on the simvim side and soldered cables to the 7 segment display. This resulted in a GIANT cable salad, in which nothing could be found again. I was looking for a way to simplify the system and find a cleaner solution, poking on circuit boards. Well then read and learn what you need to know! Still a bit of electrical engineering and voila my first boards are in production. After the installation and the function check (after all they have designed and made them themselves ^ ^) I was amazed how much work this had spared me!

With these thoughts I came to help you too! I try to offer you as low as possible for you products that have been tested and you should not only save the search, but also the working hours!