DC Panel PCB
  • DC Panel PCB
  • DC Panel PCB

DC Panel PCB

5-15 duty days till delivery

Simvim 737 DC Panel to be soldered.

bundle: Only PCB
5-15 duty days till delivery

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Simvim 737 DC Panel to be soldered.

Compatible with the panels of https://www.cockpitsimparts.co.uk/.

Dimensions 100mm x 50mm 

There are 3 variants:

1: Only the board

2: Board with all necessary buttons, switches and LEDs

3: Ready soldered board tested and plug and play (connection via the multiplexer)

The 2nd and 3rd packages include:

2x resistance 20kΩ

2x resistance 1KΩ

2x MAX7219 microcontroller

14x 7 segment display GREEN

Further information on boards with MAX7219 controllers can be found directly on the SimVim page:


20 Items


Simvim DC PANEL config

Simvim DC PANEL config just copy the parts into your data.cfg and change the conection pin

Download (168B)

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